At OPI, We
what is possible

About us

OPI is a North American-based, multi-national company focusing on improving the human experience. With our innovative biotechnology pipeline, we are redefining the standards of health science. It is OPI’s mission to create products that will change people’s quality of life for the better. By focusing on outcome-based science, OPI has already shown that what was once thought impossible, can be done!

At OPI, we reinvent what is possible.

The OutPlay Team

Management Team

Kevin Atkinson

Co-Founder: Kevin Atkinson of Victoria, BC, Canada is a co-founder and managing partner of OPI. Kevin’s entrepreneurial background started when he created his first business as a teenager. He created CDC Ltd and sold it, at a significant profit, after just two years. Following that success, he created another marketing business and invented the PostCard CD, which became a national brand. Currently, Kevin owns and operates an online marketing and brand development firm. As a proven leader in sales and marketing, Kevin’s passion for success and dedication to his team make him the heart and backbone of OPI.

Max Pringle

Vice President, Information Technology: Max founded a web development and design firm, over 10 years ago, managing global campaigns for over 100 consumer products. He graduated from the University of Victoria with a BCom degree before entering the IT field.

Jeffrey Heutmaker

Corporate Counsel: Jeff has over 30 years of experience guiding innovative business development and early stage startup businesses. He is a graduate from Notre Dame Law (Law Review). His wealth of experience as corporate counsel makes him a valuable member of our team.

Nick Williams

Co-Founder: Nick Williams of Gibsons, BC, Canada and is a co-founder and managing partner of OPI. He has created and grown several businesses, focusing on brand recognition and e-commerce. He even built a proprietary platform for businesses to engage with affiliate marketers. Nick also runs ventures in the energy sector and aquaponics farming. A seasoned expert at online identities, Nick shares Kevin’s passion for success, helping to drive the growth and prosperity of Outplay Inc.

Peter Hiebert

Vice President, Sales: Peter has exceptional sales experience. He has founded multiple online companies with annual sales in the millions. He currently runs a team of media buyers, internet marketers, and web designers selling over 30 different brands worldwide. With the ever-changing online market, Peter has proven his ability to successfully roll out new products in these competitive markets.

Andreas Popper

International IP Counsel: Andreas concentrates on international trademark and branding, and has served some of the largest corporations in the world with intellectual property services, guidance in regulatory compliance and market entry support.

Scientific Advisory Board

Brad Dieter, PhD, Board Chair

Washington, USA:
Brad is an expert in exercise physiology and recently finished fellowship training in discovering novel therapeutics. His research adopts a bench-to-bedside approach; adeptly utilizing molecular biology tools and his advanced training in biostatistics to discover and develop novel therapeutic agents for disease. His long-term career goals include leading a research team to make major inroads in healthcare and improving treatment options for chronic disease. In addition to his lab and biostatistics work, Brad is passionate about scientific outreach and educating the public. OPI is proud to have Brad as chair of our Scientific Advisory Board.

Conrad Earnest, PhD

Texas, USA:
Conrad currently works as a Research Scientist at Texas A&M University. His work has encompassed a number of thematic areas, including research in Exercise and/or Nutrition for sport and health. He holds a PhD in Exercise Science with a secondary emphasis in Nutrition and Food Science, and he is also a former professional soccer player. To date, he has published approximately 180 research articles, been cited over 13,000 times, carries a lifetime h-Index of 60 and is one of the most highly published scientists examining the physiologic response of cyclists competing in the Grand Tours of Cycling: The Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta España. You will find Conrad’s research findings published in JAMA, Archives of Internal Medicine, Lancet Oncology, as well as a number of major sports science journals.

Chad Macias, MSc

California, USA:
Chad founded the Institute for Human Kinetics in 2011, where he works with many of the world’s top athletes. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Western States; and has developed some of the most advanced blood lactate testing and intermittent hypoxia protocols in the world. He has spent over 19 years conducting research and developing protocols in cellular and molecular physiology. In addition, he was a two-sport Olympic athlete. Chad has the experience and knowledge-base to conduct both medical and exercise physiology research and heads up the Research Team at OPI.

Stacy T. Sims, PhD

Waikato, New Zealand:
Stacy is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Adams High Performance Centre, at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, where she is developing and continuing active research in environmental (heat, altitude) considerations and sex differences in elite athletes and public health. She has contributed to the environmental exercise physiology and sports nutrition field for more than 15 years as both an athlete and a scientist. She is always looking deeply at human physiology to apply innovative solutions in the sport nutrition world. Not only an elite athlete herself, Stacy has extensive experience working with athletes at the highest levels of sport worldwide, from the Tour de France to the Olympics.

Timothy Sharpe, MSc

Missouri, USA:
Tim is a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner with over ten years of clinical experience diagnosing and treating complex diseases. He currently serves as the head nutritionist at the Institute for Human Kinetics. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the post-graduate Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine program at the University of Western States where he teaches integrative therapies to physicians and allied health professionals.